Company Philosophy

Concord National is committed to long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients and customers.

Customer Service

We are committed to providing the best service in the Food Broker business. Our objective is to be the “company that gets called first” because we add value, are dependable, and deliver with a high sense of urgency. Concord National is dedicated to delivering results so our Team is in the field at every level from store shelf, to Head Office. Our mission is to maximize building opportunities for your Brand. The Concord National credo: make every call – to make a difference.

Motivated, Quality Team

We firmly believe that our people make us who we are. Our mandate is to provide exceptional and personalized career planning and training for all employees. This focus on building our Team ensures success for our Clients, plus rewarding and fulfilling careers for Concord National Team members. It takes truly dedicated people to make us a leading Food Broker – Concord National’s group of business professionals are such people.

Superior and Timely Communication

A paramount requirement for any business is quality communication; getting the information you need, when you need it, and how you need it. Concord National people provide this information with a true sense of urgency. We provide accurate street level and HO intelligence – information we gather relentlessly.


Innovations in technology continue to surface at a rapid pace, as do the needs to capture these advancements. That’s why, in addition to our fundamental IT support, we use systems to continuously collect data that allows us to monitor and work on your Brand every single day. We use technology to uncover opportunities and create actionable information to build your Brand.

Trade Spend Management

At Concord National we don’t believe that “tracking” is good enough to manage your trade funds. We focus on CONTROL: strategic financial management whereby we know where all funds are, and how they are delivering against objectives

Principal Presence

While we’re confident we can deliver everything that our clients and customers need, we can’t do it alone. We need you as a partner in the business so we get your valued input, ideas and experience.

Be Profitable

Like your business, we need ours to be profitable. We believe it’s important that our customers and clients understand and agree that we are in business together to help deliver mutually beneficial results.

Trevor Harlock

Trevor Harlock

Director of Sales, Canada, ACH Food Companies Inc.

For over 15 years Concord has been a partner of ACH (Mazola, Fleischmann’s, BeeHive, Crown, Weber seasonings, Old Tyme) in Ontario and for over seven years in Quebec helping Mazola become the #1 branded cooking oil in Canada. In September of 2014, Concord was appointed the National Broker for ACH Food Companies Ltd. in Canada.