Employee Testimonials

At Concord National, we care about our employees and their future.

Concord National is always working towards developing a strong team oriented workspace, which allows our employees to grow and strengthen their knowledge. We provide exceptional and personalized career planning for all employees that will harness their strengths and provide rewarding and fulfilling careers. As a leading Food Broker in Canada, their job satisfaction is one of our greatest successes – we love hearing what they think!

Concord National always takes my input seriously and has an open dialogue on ways we can improve.

Casey L.

Executive Vice President, Prairie Division

I can’t think of a better sales organization to be working for in Atlantic Canada.

Roberta Smith

Territory Manager, Concord National Atlantic

Concord National allows me to maintain a great work / life balance. I thoroughly enjoy the culture that allows you the independence to make decisions and in many ways act as an entrepreneur. The management group operates in a very open and honest atmosphere, are always available to answer questions and offer insight when needed. I am made to feel like an important part of the team and treated with respect. What more could you ask for!!

Deon Harris

Key Account Manager, Concord National Prairies

Concord National is attentive to the needs of its employees and support us in achieving our personal and professional goals. I find there is a great team spirit, within the region and nationally converging towards a common goal.

Jonathan Richard

Account Executive, Concord National Quebec

I’m with Concord National since the day the Qc has been created where I lead our Retail Sales Team. At Concord, we consider it is a real privilege to represent these great brands that consumers love. And we take pride to believe that we help the manufacturers we represent to meet their sales objectives and, somewhat contribute to build their brands in this market.

Sylvie Labrecque

Account Executive, Concord National Quebec